Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Your move, Fritz!

Here's an interesting photo sent to me by Conor Timmis, the Karloff fan who is the subject of the Rondo Award-nominated film KREATING KARLOFF.

You can see KREATING KARLOFF here:

And download my February 2007 interview with Conor here:

And another THING

I'm likely to talk about this character from time to time, and the life and career of the actor featured in this photo. Not so often that you'll turn as green as this guy, but sometimes.

Enter freely...

Welcome to the first blog ever created by a member of the bodiless minority! Yes, yours truly is a severed head, and one struggling with sobriety, at that. (It always keeps returning!) How I manage to go on without decomposing puzzles me, but I never learned to write music in the first place.

I keep busy. Being a devotee of moldy-oldie monster movies, I was given a chance to co-moderate a Yahoo! group known as The Universal Monster Army. This can sometimes be rough, especially when I can't find my full-body prosthetic. (You try typing with your mose sometime!) Ah, crap, see I just tpyed "mose" instead of "nose". I mean "typed". Oh, hell!

Well, now things are going a bit more smoothly. I've got my cat under my telepathic control, and it's typing for me! Faster than typing with my schnoz, anyway, except when it wants to play with the mouse!

If you spend time here with me, know that I'm going to talk about frightening films and monster items of all kinds quite often. And anything oddball that strikes my fancy. Please share your comments, cocktail ideas, spare change and links to all things off-kilter.



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