Below: The subject of my article from the 3rd issue of SCARLET.

FEBRUARY, 2010: I'm honored to tell you that my article "The Art of Linda Miller," published last summer in the third issue of SCARLET: The Film Magazine, has been nominated for the prestigious Rondo Award! (As has this blog, amazingly!)

With magazine distribution the way it is today, many have not seen the issue, so I am publishing it here at TDSH.
Below are scans of the pages of my article as it appeared in June 2009. Click on them to enlarge them. My subject was a well-loved member of the fan community for classic horror films, and a personal friend. Her work appeared in a special exhibit at both the 2009 Wonderfest and 2009 Monster Bash conventions. Sadly, Linda passed away in 2008.

Following the article scans are never before published photos of Linda.

If you wish to vote for this article or this blog, go to this
link. Please also consider voting for Linda for "Artist of the Year." Although she passed on in 2008, much of her work first appeared in 2009. Or even better, vote for Linda for "Monster Kid Hall of Fame."

You can also read my earlier 2007 interview with Linda, and see a gallery of her work,
here. More pictures have just been added; a few additional pics of her work appear at this post.

She is still missed!


Linda, Christmas 1964. Note the King Zor dinosaur and Cecil the Sea Serpent toys.

An ecstatic Linda, holding a rose, visiting Germany.

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"Meek" with her painting of the unseen "pookah" from Harvey.

Linda as "Cardinal Biggles" from Monty Python.

Linda in Halloween costume as Groucho Marx, 2002.
A pensive Linda.

Linda and zombie Bill Hinzman, Monster Bash con 2006.
Linda with one of the "Patient Creatures" story-telling group, Monster Bash con, 2006:


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