Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Viva Dia de los Muertos!

Some words and photos in honor of the Mexican Day of the Dead. Click on any picture to enlarge them.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! (Beats writing about the horrors of election day!)

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Excerpt of the Ray Bradbury short story "The Next in Line," from his collection, The October Country:

In the market, the remainder of candy skulls from the Death Fiesta were sold from flimsy little tables. Women hung with black rebozos sat quietly, now and then speaking one word to each other, the sweet sugar skeletons, the saccharine corpses and white candy skulls at their elbows. Each skull had a name on top in gold candy curlicue; Jose or Carmen or Ramon or Tena or Guiermo or Rosa. They sold cheap. The Death Festival was gone. Joseph paid a peso and got two candy skulls.

Marie stood in the narrow street. She saw the candy skulls and Joseph and the dark ladies who put the skulls in a bag.

“Not really,” said Marie.

“Why not?” said Joseph.

“Not after just now,” she said.

“In the catacombs?”

She nodded.

He said, “But these are good.”

“They look poisonous.”

“Just because they’re skull-shaped?”

“No. The sugar itself looks raw, how do you know what kind of people made them, they might have the colic.”

“My dear Marie, all people in Mexico have colic,” he said.

“You can eat them both,” she said.

“Alas, poor Yorick,” he said, peeking into the bag.

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Monster Scholar said...

I miss living in the Rio Grande Valley. We would decorate sugar skulls with colored foil and sequins to place on the altars. Rock on Dia!

Anonymous said...

Mexico isn't what it used to be, now it's plain Dia de Morir haha

MusicMakesDifference said...

Nice collection!

mike said...

wow, very unique and fun site. very cool.

~Marcus K. said...

You gotta love Ray Bradbury!

crank said...

Wow, nice pictures.


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