Saturday, April 5, 2008


(Previously posted, with a correction: HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR MONSTER)

You can see Geof Smith's ode to Norman Bridwell's classic book for creepy kids not only at the fantastic Frankensteinia site (see my links), but at Geof's interesting blog, The Connoissewer. It covers a range of topics, all with better commentary than you're going to read here at my little corner of the 'Net.

But first-- take a look at some photos of the Bridwell book never before seen on any blog!
(S' far's I know, anyway.)

I have yet to see a copy of this book that is in good shape; it's a sign, I think, that this book was well-loved and often read by its owners.


Allen's Brain said...

Thanks for sharing these, Max! I've never seen this book, but I'll definitely keep an eye out now!
Isn't that Luna Mora in front of the Monster Store?

Max the drunken severed head said...

It ain't Carol Burnett, chum!

Anonymous said...

Max!! Thanks for reminding me of a book that at one time was very important to me! I bought this through school, and copied the drawings in it over and over. I believe I still have one of the Dracula images buried away in my studio. I just ordered a copy of the book from 1970 which is when I would have owned it.


Anonymous said...

Ah, more childhood memories. I remember buying this from the school book club catalogue and used to draw the monsters over and over again. My original book vanished along with my childhood but a replacement did turn up in a box of donations at the library where I work and snatched it up immediately. Just think, the same person who drew Clifford the Big Red Dog did these monster illustrations. "Meek"

Dave Lowe said...

As I wrote at Frankensteinia, but the same goes for your posting of more from the book...THANK YOU so much for posting this!

I've always had these vague memories of a cool monster book I once had that inspired my drawing at the time. THIS WAS IT! What a wonderful rush it was to see them when I visited today! I actually yelled out loud..."THAT'S THE BOOK!"

Allen's Brain said...

Am I slipping, or did you add some new pics to this post?

I think the third face in the wolfman transformation set is Paul Naschy.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Brain, that third face is Earl Owensby!

Yes, I did add more pictures. Glad you came back to see them!

Allen's Brain said...

Ha! Thanks for reminding me of that... film. I think I need an antacid, now.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I thought this book was true when I read it as a kid!



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