Monday, September 29, 2008

My energy plan!

The energy plan of the Severed Head/Brain campaign relies on American ingenuity. Especially the ingenuity of American artists like MAD's Al Jaffe! From the book Al Jaffe's MAD Inventions come the blueprints for two devices that will supply large amounts of renewable, clean energy to the U.S.A.! See for yourself (click to enlarge):

Take all the computers and TVs used just by kids, and hook this device up to supply the energy. Then supply the kids with Frosted Flakes and Mountain Dew (or donuts and Red Bull, whatever), and--voila! A sizable fraction of our energy needs are met!

THIS device will not only generate energy, but will also lessen the obesity epidemic in this country! (And of course, monster movies and horror flicks will produce the most feet motion by frightened and excited customers, so the Brain and I propose to decrease taxes on all such films made in this country!)

The gains in weight loss by moviegoers will, in turn, will help to lower our health insurance! And fitter citizens mean an increase worker productivity! Taken all together, these social benefits will boost the economy substantially! I ask you, what other presidential campaign is so clever and visionary! And weird! ("None!" I hear you say.) SO VOTE FOR THE HEAD AND THE BRAIN! For "strange" you can believe in!

Oh, and while you're out on Election Day, go buy MAD magazine and books by Al Jaffe! And ones by Sergio Aragones, too! You'll stimulate the economy! And you'll strike a blow for freedom of the press at the same time! So go goose Lady Liberty while you're priming the pump!

(Wait--that doesn't sound right...)


All art above belongs to the copyright holders, and is used for satirical purposes only; it will be removed at the owner's request.


Allen's Brain said...

"Strange you can believe in!"
I LOVE it! Any chance that could go on a shirt design, beneath "Head/Brain '08"? I'd buy one.

Max the drunken severed head said...

But who would wear it? Not you! One of your asparagus men? I don't think so.


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