Tuesday, April 6, 2010


APe -- 4 hours ago

By JOE KING, APe Entertainment Writer

WASHINGTON, D. C -- The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards found itself mired in controversy after making its announcement of the winner in the "Best Blog" category. The blog The Drunken Severed Head was pronounced the honoree for 2009, and immediately a firestorm of criticism and disbelief surrounded the choice.

Former U. S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated in a press release, "I have been asked by the site Bloody-Disgusting to look into any irregularities. Eh, why not? I got nothing much else to do these days."

Commentators expressed dismay and bewilderment at the polling result, and called into question both the validity of the vote tallying, and the intelligence of the voters.

"I demand a recount," said one of the losing blog nominees,
when contacted by phone. (He refused to allow his name to be used, but he spoke with a decided French accent.) "This is merde! I'd move to Canada, but I already live there!"

Fox News political pundit Glenn Beck simply stated, "This makes me cry for my country."

When asked for a reaction, blogger Max Cheney tipped over into a pan of nutrient-laden alcohol and made bubbles with his lips.

In related news: Just after the announcement of the Rondo Awards blog category winner, people all over North America called news outlets, universities, zoos and police to report seeing this strange sight, often referred to in everyday speech:

Image altered from original byjJack Midknight and found HERE.


Pierre Fournier said...

Pigs are flying, men are having babies, and there's a skating rink in hell. Rondo voters should be investigated for drug abuse!

Congratulations anyway, Max. At least this proves that anyone can win!

suzanne said...

Heheheheh. Congratulations anyway :)

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Congratulations Max!
Well deserved. :)


venoms5 said...

Nice one, Max. Congratulations! You deserve it. Thanks also to Mr. "Joe King" for getting us this scoop. (Hehe)

Jay Watson said...

Congrats Max! Maybe my endorsement of TDSH pushed you "over the top?" :)
Funny post too (including funny comment by "good sport" Pierre Fournier!)
Since all things are now possible, does this mean the Cubs win the World Series in October?

CinemaDave said...

Perhaps my blog is the Susan Lucci of the Rondo Hatton Awards, but she did one one after, how many? 21 tries?

Congrats on the Rondo and "Wait til next year!"

Cinema Dave

ShellHawk said...

Hooray for You!

John Rozum said...

Well, now we know what's bound to be in the "controversy of the year" category next year.

Congratulations, Max!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations! And that is a great post - dry humor at its best.

kindertrauma said...

Scandalamity! I guess dressing provocatively and providing racy photos of oneself really will get you far with Rondo voters! Congrats Max!

Pax Romano said...

You failed to mention the rioting in the streets - I barely escaped with my life!

Mazel tov!

Paul Castiglia said...

If the Drunken Severed Head blog is that popular, then I'm going to take advantage of it by providing a link to my review of "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" - after all, Bud and Lou get drunk in it and there's a guillotine exhibit at the spooky wax museum the pair visit in the film. So read it, one and all:


Thanks! :)

Paul Castiglia said...

Do'h - I meant to type "Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde!"

DILLIGAF said...

It's just jealousy old bean. Perhaps they'll chop their heads off for the next one?...;-)

jmcozzoli said...

You epitomize what the Rondo Awards are all about: monsterkid and witty blogger. Congratulations.

thiswomanswork said...


wiec? said...

well done Max!!

was the bribe paid in cash or check? kidding of course. you earned it fair and square. keep up the good work!!!

Erick said...

Congrats Max!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Congrats from the frog queen and all her minions!! :)


Fester said...

Hey you stole it fair and square!
I just want to know where a disembodied head hid a Rondo Award to smuggle it out of the room.

On second thought-- No I don't want to know.

Enjoy it!

And Congratulations!

Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

Yeah, yeah... now where the hell's my 3 buck$ ?

Jeremy [Retro] said...

whooooooooo-hoooooo! well deserved!
now you promised a truffle-shuffle!
dance monkey, dance!

rebecca said...



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