Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Links, awards, votes, etc.

The Drunken Severed Head is going to be FOUR years old in less than a month, and in that time the blog hasn't been "monetized," as Blogger describes adding ads to one's blog. But I made a sort of exception last October and put up a small ad for itsagiftbasket.com, after they contacted me and offered to swap text and links. So I put up this, a link to a site where gift baskets for Halloween could be found--

and they put up a link to TDSH. Not on the page where the link they provided took you to-- nooooo. Instead, you had to do a lot of scrolling and click twice to see my text and link:

Don't see it? Well, you have to go down further and look closely. Here, I've circled it:

I'm STILL laughing that they chose to put a "Drunken Severed Head" link on a kiddie costume page!

Well, I may have the last laugh, as they're still running my link (hard as it is to find from their main Halloween page), but I stopped using theirs a few weeks ago. I DO like to keep the spirit of Halloween all year 'round, but who wants ads for the spooky day's merchandise 24/7/365! Seeing Halloween knick-knacks in stores in July already makes me wanna scream!

Which reminds me-- TDSH makes Paul at The Cobwebbed Room want to SCREAM! (Whatta shame. He's got one of my fav-o-rite blogs!)

Even so, he recently complimented me and gave me this nice image of a woman about to eat a really big, jumbo-size hot dog:

Nice. A "You make me scream" award. Sweet!

More on who makes me wanna scream and holla, votes in contests, and recommended sites, coming tomorrow.


Tabitha said...

Thanks so much for finding me on facebook! It was a very nice surprise. Love your blog, as you know, and can't wait to read more!

Meowlissa said...

hehe gotta love it. and! best. pic. ever!


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