Monday, September 8, 2008

A veritable Slogan-za!

Reader "Allen's Brain" sent in a comment for approval on my last post. I'm not approving it, because it deserves to be a post all its own!

From the gray matter:

A few campaign ideas, from a brain in a jar.

Vote Max: Because you can't fight a war when you're falling down drunk!

Max, TDSH for President: Gas prices will plummet when we're all too drunk too drive!

Worried about dependence on foreign oil? How about imported liquor? Max is your kind o'candidate!

Max knows that peace summits go much better after a few drinks with diplomats. Vote the Head!

Looking for a candidate who's using his head? Vote Max--it's all he's got!

DSH: A bottle in every cabinet!

Vote for Max! He's buying the drinks!

I love these! Especially the first and last one!

1 comment:

Allen's Brain said...

Glad to be of service, Max, ol' boy!

Ya' got my vote!


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