Thursday, September 18, 2008

Voodoo for Victory!

Dear fellow Americans, concerned citizens, weirdos, and supporters--

YOU can make the Presidency of The Drunken Severed Head a reality!

I don't mean by getting each TDSH reader to vote 250,000 times (my previous strategy), or by getting enough voters drunk so that they make a mistake on the ballot (another previous strategy), but by indirect means.

By buying toys.

Specifically, dolls. More specifically, these dolls:

John McCain

Barack Obama

(If you want a cuddlier Obama doll to stick pins into-- then consider buying this doll.)

Yep, buy these dolls and stick pins in 'em. Repeatedly. America needs the leadership of The Drunken Severed Head for a spell, (because you recognize I'm the only candidate with enough liquor in him to squarely face America's problems) and a spell oughtta get me into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

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Allen's Brain said...

It looks like Larry King is using you for a voodoo doll in the previous post, sticking in those special American flag pins--which are the ones you use if you want someone to get elected to office.
Of course, if you are the doll, who is the actual candidate?

Max the drunken severed head said...

A mystery wrapped with an enigma...and wearing a pair of red suspenders.


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