Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Best of the worst! Part One

If you are saying to yourself, "I, [your name here], oughtta look over THE DRUNKEN SEVERED HEAD before casting a vote in the 'Best Horror Blog' category over at the Rondo Awards," then you should

A. Seek help for talking to yourself, AND
B. Look over the list below.

Or maybe you landed at this horrible (but oh-so-adorable) waste of electricity by accident, and want to know what's worthwhile here. WELLLL, the least bad is all here in a handy list!

Here's a list of the best entries at this here whatever-the-hell-this-is posted in 2008 and early 2009 (the eligible term for this year's awards):

My Campaign for President (see the sidebar to the right to click on links to posts from my quazy quixotic quest to land in the Oval Office!)

My nostalgic tribute to Boris Karloff

My snowy cemetery pictorial

A look at the monsters of a Bavarian Christmas

My look at mad doctor Gunther Von Hagens

Forry Ackerman: Tributes and remembrances (posts found here, here, here and here)

Coverage of Zombie Fest 2008

A Halloween in Kosovo

All my posts in October!

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