Thursday, March 1, 2007

Guardian of the Ackermansion

We all have the capacity to fetishize, to endow with magic some object that captures our interest. Some keep close some trinket and believe it a good luck charm, and others collect things that fascinate-- coins, rocks, old toys, ex-wives-- whatever.

For me, it's Frankenstein stuff. So I was delighted to get a vintage photo from author/filmmaker Don Glut of a silver Monster mask that watched over the bookshelves of monster movie uber-fan Forrest Ackerman.

Doesn't Frankie appear to peer around the corner? He looks like me when the wife puts me on the shelf for some infraction. Like getting underfoot ("Have a nice trip?"), eating both halves of the pan of brownies left to cool, just existing when she's in a bad mood-- things like that.

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