Friday, March 9, 2007

"Judy in disguise..."

Well, not Judy, but Jane, my bride. Some of you blog readers have sent mail demanding to see a photo of my wife, not believing anyone would marry me.

I told Jane that morbid fans of the DSH wanted to gaze upon the kisser of the woman that wedded yours truly, and she reluctantly chose a photograph. Here's the only picture my Jane would allow for dissemination (oooh, that word sounds scientifically dirty, like someone at a clinic being made pregnant without respect):


Famous Monster of Mpls said...

It appears that she wishes to remain incognito! Can anyone really blame her?

Best, Terry.
The Famous Jerk of Mpls.

raycastile said...

Hey, why not post her myspace voodoo queen pic? That is pretty impressive. It will scare away any romantic rivals that might dare tempt Max. You do not want to mess with the voodoo queen.

Anonymous said...

Psst! Jane---your left eyebrow needs a moist finger run over it to smooth it down---otherwise you look mahvahlous.



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