Monday, March 5, 2007

"...Meet The (Cereal) Killer, Boris Karloff"

From the 2005 Monster Bash, a painting that made me laugh when I saw it:

I talked with the artist, who told me that Sara Karloff was amused by it. Sadly, I can't remember the artist's name, though from the painting his last name is obviously (and appropriately, given the colors here) "Pinkney".

Here's a photo of the artist:

If anyone knows this talented painter with a great sense of humor, please tell him to contact me! I want to see more of his work!

Update: The artist's name is Dwayne Pinkney, and I expect we'll be seeing many more examples of his talent for genre portraiture.

1 comment:

Famous Monster of Mpls said...

Can't say I know the artist, but I would sure love to see him compose a Lugosi Count Chocula! Thanks for posting this Max!


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