Saturday, May 19, 2007

David Patrick Kelly and the Voodoo Queen

Jane and I had brunch today with talented Obie-winning stage actor and cult film heavy David Patrick Kelly. I was lucky enough to interview him. (The interview and another photo are coming soon.) It was a grand and memorable visit. I'd spoken with Mr. Kelly a few times before, and he was a charming, polite, patient, generous, good-humored and thoughtful man. I was very glad to make his acquaintance.


Anonymous said...

As a huge Warriors fan, I am looking forward to this!

- Michael

Splotchy said...

Just stumbled across your site searching for one of my favorite actors.

Hope to see the interview with him soon.

You or may not find this interesting, but I started an Adopt An Actor campaign on my blog, where I encourage bloggers to adopt a character actor that they would like to recognize and/or promote. I've actually gotten a sizable amount of people to adopt actors they respect and love.

My choice for an adoptee was Mr. Kelly.

I'd love to see the interview when you get a chance to post it.

I actually tried sending Mr. Kelly a letter containing a series of interview questions via his talent representation, but don't know if it made it to him. I might try and send it again, perhaps care of the theatrical production he is currently acting in.

I'm glad to hear he's an agreeable, thoughtful fellow.

Splotchy said...

Thanks a lot for the update over on my blog, Max.

Looking forward to seeing the interview.


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