Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wonderfest 2007

Jane and yours fool-y just got back from the Wonderfest convention, and was it a festive wonder! We could not have had a better time! Here's a photo of me and the missus with several other members of The Universal Monster Army, wondering and festering. We're in the room that held the UMA Vintage Monster Toy exhibit.

The drunken severed head was lucky enough to participate in the Rondo Awards ceremony held at Wonderfest. I was honored to be allowed to present the one-and-only Zacherley with his Rondo Award for Best CD of 2007. That made me very happy! (Of course, I went in formal wear: I wore my prosthetic body.)

Sorry to delay the Mark Redfield and David Patrick Kelly interviews a bit more, but I just HADDA post this. The Drunken Severed Head is a floating, delirious, ecstatic head, even several days later!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fang-tastic time! I'm so sad we couldn't be there! Any chance of a list of names in that UMA picture?

Max the drunken severed head said...

Your wish is my command, angel Angie.

From left to right, front: (kneeling) "Creepy Jeff" Prepusich; Jane the Voodoo Queen holding the ol' drunken severed head; John Mitchell.

Second row: "Unimonster" John P. Stevenson; Marian Clatterbaugh, "Fmpls" Terry Ingram, Tim Keegan, "Miss Drac" Eyrdie Robinson; "Dr. Monster" Dustin Jablonski; Jim Bertges; (kneeling) "Elizabeth VF".

Very back row: "Editor MFTV" Jim Clatterbaugh behind wife Marian; "Marcus Fayne" Robert Taylor behind Dustin Jablonski, John Aranza.

All are wanted by the authorities.


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