Thursday, July 26, 2007

Halloween 1965 returns from the grave

Someone called "Godzzla" has tried recreating the lost 1965 footage of Boris Karloff singing "Monster Mash" on the old "Shindig" TV show. Dave of the MOSTLY GHOSTLY MUSIC SHARING BLAAAHHHGGG has posted the video at his site, and that is where I found this fun fun FUN mash-up of Boris on "Shindig" and Bobby Pickett's recording of the song. I am grateful to both of them. This is a great tribute to Pickett, and a fun way to watch the Karloff footage from the "Shindig" episode.

Fans of Boris, Pickett and old TV should go here RIGHT NOW and dig this gravely good video! The video dubbing and sound mix are pretty well done, and the whole thing is a blast to watch.

If you have trouble watching it at the MGMSB blog, you can watch it at Youtube directly. (Seeing a video reposted to a blog can sometimes be problematic.)


Godzzla said...

Thanks Max!

Max the drunken severed head said...

You're welcome!

Dave said...

Godzzla recently uncovered the actual audio from that Shindig episode:
Boris karloff Sings Monster mash On Shindig 1965. I'm hoping maybe Godzzla will re-do the video with this new audio added

Anonymous said...

Hey DSH,

Love your site. I re-edited the beginning of Boris singing the Monster mash on Shindig, and take a look if you have the time. It's the best time of year, and I look forward to reading your blog this Halloween.


Godzzla said...

Here's a color version I made of Boris singing the Monster Mash, and a recreation of all the missing minutes from the October 1965 Shindig Episode(thanks to Lionelatwill and his realization that he taped the audio of the show):

Boris and the Mash in Color!

Boris and the missing five minutes, with authentic audio from the show(Boris singing the Monster Mash) and recreated video:


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