Monday, August 13, 2007

Ornamental basilisks to die for

The basilisk, besides being the name of a genus of small lizards, is the name of a mythological monster, a reptile with features of a cock (the ROOSTER kind). Its glance and breath were said to be lethal. In 2005 in St. Louis' Central West End, I took some pictures of street lamps fashioned with basilisks. Today I post these. (Yesterday I added more pictures of griffin statues to the August 8th post.)

Don't look too hard-- perhaps it will be fatal!

A special thanks to Raymond Castile for loaning me his camera to take photos of the sights of St. Louis before I moved away.

1 comment:

raycastile said...

I remember the day you took those shots. We kept trying to get a closer shot of those gargoyles.


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