Friday, September 21, 2007

Frankenstein's X-Rays!

A poster at the Classic Horror Film Board called "dadabigelow" graciously gave me permission to share these X-rays of the Frankenstein Monster (you may have to click on the image for the x-ray effect):
I'd been saving this for October, but was inspired to share this now because of the latest cool entry at the Frankensteinia blog! T. S. Kuebler, the discoverer of the Monster's skull, has a great website (which is listed in my links, as well as links for the Classic Horror Film Board and Frankensteinia.); check 'em all out. But not before you see this x-ray of the Monster's skull (done before Frankenstein's creation was completed), which I found at a medical website:

I wonder if dadabigelow has ever sent off for these:

Amazingly, I found some X-rated x-rays at a website ! No kidding-- really! If you're over 18 (and you take all responsibility for your own actions by clicking), here's a link to the URL:

1 comment:

Dave said...

A Consumer ed teacher I had in high school had a pair of these glasses. All they were were double layered glasses with feathers sealed in between the two lenses. I guess the thought kids were supposed to be dumb enough to think the feathers were the persons bones.


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