Friday, September 14, 2007

Trader Verne Nixes Frankenstein and his Bride!

One of the most interesting people I know is Verne Langdon. A born entertainer, he has been a musician all of his life. But, multi-talented as he is, he has also been a makeup artist, mask-maker, circus clown, and professional wrestler. All of this is covered in an in-depth interview with Verne I just stumbled across here.

Boomer Monster Kids know his classic records Phantom Of The Organ, Vampyre At The Harpsichord, Music For Magicians, Poe With Pipes, and many others. He also conceived and produced the classic LP An Evening With Boris Karloff And His Friends.

He's also one of the most knowledge mixologists I know! So I asked him about the two drink recipes (a "Frankenstein" and a "Bride of Frankenstein") I posted on August 28. He had this to say:

"Nice drinks, but remove the booze and all you got is orange juice, grenadine, and a pinch of lime. Ridiculous.

"I'll take a Navy Grog anytime, and if you never heard me sing "Sippin' A Navy Grog", go to iTunes, Rhapsody, or your favorite Internet music source and download it. Perfect to listen to whilst you're sippin' one yourself!

- "Trader Verne" Langdon

"P.S. If it's vodka for which you're thirsting, quaff Absolut, and then only in the stiffest of stiff Bloody Mary (Manhattan glass frosted, three cubes of ice, 1/2 vodka, 1/2 V-8 Juice, 1 shot Lea and Perrins' Worcestershire sauce, three dashes of Tabasco, and a teaspoon of pepper. Agitate gingerly, then toss in 7 or 8 pimento-stuffed green olives for "garnish", eating the olives one at a time as you down the carmine concoction. Great with breakfast, at lunch or cocktail hour, and always with a New York extra-thick & juicy steak, slathered in butter and garlic and hand-rubbed with Cajun spices, with wine-besotted (braised) mushrooms dumped atop the steak at the last minute while it's still sizzling. YESSSSSSS!"

Verne has a website I recommend ("Trader Verne" in my links section.) On the page titled "Uncorked Communications" he has some funny "Idiot Sightings" listed. While you're visiting, check out his drink recipe pages (accessed by clicking on the reddish-brown tiki god.) Verne urges you to drink responsibly, but that is soooo boring. Go for the gusto and wind up a drunken severed head like me!

I've had the pleasure of chatting with Verne on the phone on several occasions, and he has always had something interesting to say. He was always funny, and alternately warm and curmudgeonly. A thoroughly independent and energetic guy with many interests and enthusiasms and strong opinions. He could perhaps even be called a "lovable cuss".

I also urge you to check out his various CDs. Of his non-spooky releases, I recommend "Out Of Love" and "Love Is All"; some of the tracks in these show him at his most vulnerable and emotionally open. They are both to be found here.

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