Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cool classic monster items for Hallowe'en!

Not getting much attention this year from collectors of merchandise featuring the Universal Frankenstein and Dracula is the Fabriche Frankenstein and Dracula pair o' heads. The above is a photo from website of the holiday goods importing company Kurt S. Adler, who wholesale them. These severed-looking two inch tall creepy craniums are part of a larger Fabriche line of Hallowe'en products, and you can get either just the two heads seen above as a set, or buy a garland of six Dracula heads only.

I like them very much; they remind me of 1960s era monster items.

The Fabriche item # for the Franky and Drac heads is HW0107, and if you need to locate a Hallmark near you, the Kurt S. Adler link in the text above take you to their home page, which includes a dealer locator button.

So creep into a Hallmark and pick up these nightmarish noggins. And be sure to tell them Max the drunken severed head sent you!

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