Monday, October 1, 2007

Creepy Holiday Countdown

Emboldedded, er, emboldered, uh, ENCOURAGED by the fact that several other blogs are committing to a Hallowe'en post-a-day countdown, I'm pledging to do the same! They're committed. And I should be committed. So everyone tells me, anyway. So I'll kick off with an old Hallowe'en photo I found on someone else's site and saved. (I am sorry, but I don't know now whom to credit.) But take a gander at this great gag photo from a Hallowe'en party of looooong ago:

You have to wonder if this stunt terrified unsuspecting kids ("Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Aunt Myrtle's head's been chopped off!! Bwaaaaah!"), or if they were let in on the gag beforehand.

Perhaps if they had this cake to comfort them afterwards, they'd be alright:

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Finally, here's a photo of my little brother and me (I'm on the right) on one our earliest Hallowe'ens! (This was, of course, before the horrible accident which made me what I am today!)


John Rozum said...

Max, I'm so glag to see you join in on the month long festivities. I think the row of heads came from the sadly defunct "Old Haunts" site, because I have that image as well, and think that's most likely where I found it. I haven't seen that cake before, but that's really great. I always liked that devil costume, too.

Max the drunken severed head said...

John, thanks a bunch for giving credit where credit is due. I'm "Old Haunts" is gone.

I'm looking forward to the goodies at your blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow, if I came home from trick-or-treating and saw that severed head gag in my front yard I surely would have fainted....

Anonymous said...

Aaaghh! It's horrible! It's terrifying! It's Max when he had a body!!!

I like you much better as just a head. You must save lots on shopping for clothes, anyway.

Love the color scheme. Perfect for Halloween.


Anonymous said...

That cake is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen...Ever!



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