Thursday, October 11, 2007

(Hallowe'en Fun) Spots before your eyes!

Been meaning to get this posted sooner, but am being pulled several different ways right now. (You should see how long my earlobes are now! And the stretch marks on my nose-- hoo boy!). But I want to direct you to several blogs and sites that are making Hallowe'en more fun than previously thought humanly possible. In no particularly order, this de-capitated D-size cranium emPHATically endorses

Monster Rally

The Horror Blog

The Retropolitan Presents: Tales To Astonish

The Horrors Of It All


Classic Horror Lives

Horror Movie-A-Day

The Headless Hearseman

Dinosaur Casserole

(That last one is not a site of horror or the macabre, but an eccentric and funny blog. Go HERE for a very funny DC post that mixes Rhode Islanders, monsters, Charles Bronson, and dumplings.)

You'll have good time at any of the above-- so go already!

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