Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not too late to visit Castle Blood!

After participating in the Zombie Fest here in Pittsburgh (more on this tomorrow), Jane the Voodoo Queen and I went to check out CASTLE BLOOD, a haunted house attraction in southwest Pennsylvania, maybe 30 miles from Pittsburgh. We had a good time, as this was different from the usual maze chock-a-block with rubber masks, gore and chainsaw-wielding loonies. (Not that there's anything wrong with those things.) This was an old Victorian house refurbished as a home of many supernatural characters, who help their guests with a spooky quest to find talismans.

Very atmospheric, and the range of creepy characters was a plus.

There was also a talking severed head there, and so I felt right at home! Based on a browsing of the Castle Blood website, is apparently one of some characters introduced this year. The characters of past years are still visible at the site, and some make return appearances this year.

The hosts of Castle Blood are Gravely and Grizelda, who have their own TV show, Midnight Monster Hop.

Naturally, I couldn't take photos inside, but below are some photos of characters we met outside and some details of the outside facade. (It really is a home where real people live upstairs, although I saw a strange, ghostly face in one of the upper windows; the "real people" are Ricky and Karen D., and they bear a strong family resemblance to Gravely and Griselda.)

If you're in the southwest Pennsylvania area on Halloween (it's closed on Tuesdays), go see this spooky site-- and have fun storming the Castle!

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