Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For Hallowe'en: A recommended earful of Frankenstein

Perhaps you've seen this notice at the Frankensteinia blog, but I'm happily spreading the news that the best audio version of "Frankenstein" will be streaming this Thursday, October 11, at 1:00 PM* on Greater Portland Community Radio. Go to and click “Listen” on the menu at the top of the page. Part 2 will be streaming next week, on October 18.

Mr. Craig Wichman's portrayal of the Monster is the best one I've never seen! Seriously, it is the finest audio presentation of Mary Shelley's story I have ever heard...well, sober, anyway.

Okay, really seriously: Listen to it! My best advice for using your spare time on those dates!

*The post above has had the broadcast time information changed; it was previously incorrectly listed as "1:30 p.m.".


UniversalHorror said...

For something a bit different (and much older), the 1932 radio adaption of FRANKENSTEIN can be downloaded here:

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks for the "heads up" (ears up?). UH.

The Wichman adaptation is a version that people who don't listen to radio drama much will find easier to get into, I think. But it's all grave-y, I mean, it's all Frankenstein!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind words - from someone who knows his bean(s) so well, that is high praise.


That serial has its charms, but I'd second Max: even what we now call OTR had not reached its maturity by '32, and it is a bit creaky.


For those afraid of contemporary audio drama, which is at times a fan-made, lines-from-all-over-cyber-space mixed bag -

- that's not what Quicksilver is.
(And the stream is at 1:00 PM.)

Happy Halloween,
-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Correction, please! Sorry for the mistake, I had misposted, but Craig Wichman's Frankenstein will be streaming at 1PM.

So that's Thursday, October 11, at 1 pm EST.

And thanks for spreading the word, Max. This production deserves the attention.

Anonymous said...

Dear Folks-

For those who asked, and couldn't make the Live Stream, the Podcast of "Book One" of FRANKENSTEIN: MODERN PROMETHEUS is available at your convenience now:

Happy Halloween!
-Craig W.

"Filled with deep yearning and emotion ... this Creature is the Voice of Shelley. A really amazing treat." - PROF. GRIFFIN, "The Midnight Shadow Show"


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