Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Forrest J Ackerman!

Happy birthday witches to a man I sang Al Jolson songs with in a hotel restaurant at Monster Bash 2006! A man who made my childhood better with his editorship of MONSTER WORLD and FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazines.

4E, the Ackermonster, lives eternal!

Below: Dr. Ackula with the 2006 UMA Toy Tour Display at Monster Bash, 2006. Photo courtesy of Bobby Beeman.

Next: The Drunken Severed Head meets FJA and FM cover artist Basil Gogos.

Below: After arduously attaching my life-like prosthetic body, The Ackermonster and I sing Jolson songs and quote old horror movies.

For more on "Uncle Forry", I highly recommend that you visit this post at the Frankensteinia website.

P.S. The DSH says a special thanks to Joe Moe for all he's done for Forry!


Sparkle Plenty said...


And, a belated Happy Tgiving to you, too, Severed Head Man! Hope you got stuffed as well! (But, when you swallow, where does it GO?)

Max the drunken severed head said...

(Sparkle, there are things Humankind was not meant to know.)

"Max, do you wear something around your severed neck wherever you go?"

"Depends," he replied laconically.


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