Tuesday, November 6, 2007

News and party pics from a party pooper

Now that I'm beginning to feel rested from the rigors of Hallowe'en merry-making all month long, I can do some wrap-up and post-season reports.

NEWS FLASH: The ol' DSH was right! On Se
pt. 5th, I posited in a post (love to pop my 'p's) that the dead "chupacabra" found in Texas was likely a mangy coyote, and that is positively so!

Chupacabra ID'ed as coyote

But as happy as I was to be correct, I was disappointed to see a trend reported on in this news item:

To play Hallowe'en pranks, you must get permission

("May I soap your window, ma'am?" "Why yes, if you make a nice picture of a kitty or flower on the glass." "Thank you, ma'am.")

Being a red-headed drunken severed head, I was also disappointed to learn that I might be related to Neanderthal cavemen:

Science says some Neanderthals had red hair

But a cheerful thing happened today-- I got photos from a friend of a Hallowe'en party she hosted last week. I can't recall it, but Jane says she had a blast at the do! (She's always bringing dynamite caps when we go out.) Here are my friends:

______________________Uh-oh, hat fight!!


Sparkle Plenty said...

HA! I KNEW that was a coyote!

GREAT photos--that is spectacular Bride o' Frankenstein hair--also, from many posts ago, great photos from your wedding! The Voodoo Queen is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just an FYI, the name "Chupacabra" is wrong, it's actually Chupacabras both plural and singular.

Gary D. Macabre

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks. Folks like you are deers to tell me that! ;^)

Max the drunken severed head said...

Sparkle-- you get a tip o' my topper, toots!

John Rozum said...

Looks like a fun party, and it's not just because I've always had a thing for women dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein, but your friend the bride is a babe!


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