Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yule link log

Christmas is about giving. My friend Mary Garrett, the latex-loathing lady of St. Louis storytelling lore, gave me several links to stuff; check them out for a merry mirth-y time!

Firts, (FIRTS? And after only one teeny martiny!) there's a Christmas story for all ages (and I bet Morticia Addams used to tell it to Wednesday and Pugsley.) From the blog "Granny Sue's News and Reviews"): The Christmas Spider

For a white (man's) Christmas, here's an a cappella comic Twelve Days of Christmas video (by a group with a name that warms my snockered severed head: "Straight, No Chaser").

Christmas is about an unlikely birth. But your birth is unlikely, too. For proof, watch this video of Eric Idle's Galaxy Song.

Mary told me to go elf myself. But here, YOU do it: Elf Yourself


Sparkle Plenty said...

Hi, Marvelous Max!

Oh. My. Gracious. Those are fabulous photos of Yvonne DeCarlo. I really love the one of her on the pumpkin!

Okay: So, I'm desperately trying to elf myself to no avail. D'you think the Web site is just being heavily hit so might be inaccessible at the moment? I'll keep trying. I SHALL be elfed.



Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks, Sparkle-- you're not so bad yourself, kid!


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