Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zombies for Christmas

Nothing like zombie Christmas stories to make the holiday merry! And I've found a truly heartwarming one-- a story of Santa filling his increased labor needs with zombie elves! It's a tale sure to become a tradition at this time of year-- maybe even be a future Rankin/Bass teevee classic! (Well, I can hope.) So I offer this link to make the Yuletide gay:

Zombies of the North Pole

Need to choose a last-minute gift? How about these joy-inspiring holiday apparel items? (Click on the images for links to pages you can order from. Getting something shipped overnight can be expensive, but your loved ones are worth it.)

Here's another memorable T-shirt image:

You'll need a card with those gifts (even if you hafta give them AFTER Christmas, 'cause you putzed around and put off doing your shopping until the last minute!), and here's a lovely card that goes perfectly with any late present:

Just click on the images to take you to sites where you can spread Christmas greenery around! Fed economists will thank you.

Since you're already looking at zombies, go to this TDSH post and see a new photo of me self flanked by zombified makeup students from the Tom Savini school.

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