Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Video Pick of the Voodoo Queen

Jane, while poking 'round the 'net, found this 2005 video by Vast called "Pretty When You Cry". For her, it's one of the creepiest short films she's ever seen-- she called it "the dreamstuff of a serial killer."

The video IS creepy, although I wasn't as struck by it as my wonderful witchy wife. I found it to be a mix of original and cliched images, but it certainly does have some memorably unsettling shots and scenes. The language and theme of the video are certainly not safe for work or for children.

As an ol' severed head, I like the final scene indeed. More work for us in the bodiless minority.


Anonymous said...

Cool, loved it.

John Rozum said...

I don't know that Clanky was so disturbing, though granted some parent group would probably be outraged.

The music video started off promising, with lots of nice imagery, then went downhill, for me, once the cottage was entered. The most disturbing aspect for me was hearing that gravelly male voice coming out of beautiful little red riding hood's mouth.


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