Thursday, March 13, 2008

IT HAPPENED!!! My dream came true!! I made "Honorable Mention" in a category with 38 nominations! HOO-HAH! I mean, Hoo-Rah!

Must be because I've been wearing my LUCKY hat. It's the one you see in the previous post, the one that makes me look like a Lubavitcher or a Leprechaun. (Feh and begorrah!) I had been wearing a top hat last month, while practicing my Rondo acceptance speech; I looked rather dashing, even if I say so myself. (I was one fly guy! A phat head!) But I had to switch to my "lucky hat" after one of my overweight cats sat on the top hat (I must stop feeding them Bailey's Irish Cream), reducing it to a mortarboard.

For those of you under the influence of my lucky hat who voted for me, THANK YOU. I respect you less now, but I love you more! And I shall keep my promises. I will buy TDSH voters a beer when next I encounter any of you! And leave a comment for the substance you wish to see slathered on my dome!


Pierre Fournier said...

That explains all the snow and cold recently... HELL FROZE OVER!

Congrats, Max, for the Honorable Mention! No other severed head is more deserving!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :)


Anonymous said...

Sincere congrats, Friend Max!

-Craig W.

John Rozum said...

Well, Max, so winning the coveted Rondo itself may have turned out to be a BUST this year, but you're still head and shoulders worthy of plenty of accolades, whether you had your lucky HATTON, or not.

Congratulations my friend!

As to what people want to see spread on your noggin, it sounds like the beer's on you already.


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