Monday, March 3, 2008


The Drunken Severed Head has gotten some endorsements in the Rondo Award race! (And a semi-endorsement! Ooooooo.) First, Pierre Fournier at Frankensteinia generally endorsed me and my blog in this post, and he made it clear he'd probably ask readers to vote for my blog if his weren't in the running. (He's pretty smart for a guy who voluntarily lives in the vast frozen north.) And then comic blogger Sparkle Plenty endorsed TDSH for a Rondo award over at her cyberpad, Dinosaur Casserole!

And, after I promised to accept a lower allowance, (and re-enact a scene from the movie The Reanimator*), my wife endorsed me and this blog at her Live Journal account. (Shocked, aren't you?) Thank you, dear adorable wonderful spousal unit!

I'm counting on last minute votes to get me the coveted Rondo prize. (I'll be counting until Doomsday.) Today, I had a team of comely volunteers passing out "get out the vote" fliers:

Since bribes weren't getting me votes, I hoped maybe eye-candy would.

(Yes, they're dressed in aluminum foil. Seems they objected to my always wearing X-ray specs when they were around. Hmmph.)

Link: Rondo Awards

* I somehow have to decapitate a doctor with a shovel. Why, what were YOU thinking?

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