Monday, March 24, 2008

My kinda Easter egg

Found this image at another blog, and traced it to the Flickr photos of "bcompetent". It delighted me-- I like the artistic talent and whimsy seen in the photo!


John Rozum said...

Those are nice, particularly the owl.

Max the drunken severed head said...

I agree-- the owl's my favorite, too.

Just noticed that the reflection of the overhead light fixture seen on the ghost egg makes the ghost look like he sports a spectral crown above his head!

Anonymous said...

Hi Max,

My hubby & I had to laugh at the thought of my eggs posted on a blog about a severed head and a drunken one at that! (I'm actually a director for a self-help recovery program for women alcoholics - oh the irony!)

The 'owl' egg is about as scary as my eggs get... although, personally, I freak out over spiders. Dare I say, I was inspired to do these designs while reading my mom's 'Martha S' magazine... I never heard the end of that from the husband... although he loves the eggs too!

These eggs were quite fun for 'pysanky' style eggs (apply design using a writing tool & hot wax and dip in assorted dyes). Probably about an hour and a half to finish. A bit longer though to blow out the egg and put a couple coats of polyurethane. This egg pic is the most viewed & commented on my flickr site - it's a Halloween fav.

Thanks for the spotlight :) and keep your head on straight or not! Becky

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks for the comment and info, Becky!

I wondered about the amount of time and labor required to make such great looking Halloween Eggs.

Hmmm, may have to commission an artist to do a "Max the drunken severed head" next year. One would be as hollow as the other.

Allen's Brain said...

I keep expecting to see a huge scorpion hatch from one of those.


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