Friday, March 14, 2008

Sad local news-- INCREDIBLY STRANGE VIDEO is closing!

INCREDIBLY STRANGE VIDEO is closing, I am very sad to say! A fantastic Pittsburgh-area outlet for weird films, horror magazines and books, odd comics, cool t-shirts, posters and more, it has been a great shop for fans of all things incredibly strange!

Owned and operated for more than a decade by super nice guy Bruce Lentz (the lead singer/songwriter of the ghoulish garage band FORBIDDEN FIVE), it was the sponsor of some marvelous local film screenings, celebrity appearances, and the local horror host show IT'S ALIVE. This is really disheartening (and sobering!) news for the drunken severed head.

(Click here to see the MySpace page of the Forbidden Five, and listen to some of their songs. I recommend "Chop You Up" and "Baby I'm No Good". Also, this page includes a download for their song "Psycho Rat Phink F*ck A Go Go".)

GO NOW to get some amazing bargains before all the stock is bought up!!! (I just purchased a ton of stuff there today!) Tell Bruce that the drunken severed head sent ya!


ISV website closing notice

Incredibly Strange Video website

An article in the Pittsburgh alternative paper about Bruce and the closing of ISV

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Anonymous said...

I don't live in Pittsburggh, but that is sad to hear that such a cool locally owned business by what seems to be a super cool guy is closing down. :(



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