Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fewdio--do-dee-o do!

Recently, the old severed head got a pat on the dome from one of the creative talents behind Fewdio Entertainment (a new horror production company in L.A.), one Drew Daywalt. Drew turned my head by telling me that he loved my blog and was a huge fan! (I actually pivoted on the end of my neck!) He also wrote to say that he and the other members of the FE company had "a horror short right up your alley. The first of 15 that we just completed and will be releasing soon."

It's a pretty amusing but pretty gory short called "The Easter Bunny is Eating My Candy", and you can see it here. (Caution: t'aint safe for work or for kiddies.) It reminded me of one the old Night Gallery gag shorts that would appear on the Rod Serling-hosted show of the '70s.

The Fewdio website is still under construction but you can register for updates.

Uncle Lancifer of the Kindertrauma blog had the brilliant idea to ask the folks of Fewdio what scares them, and they responded with some interesting answers, including one that surprised me! I'll never be able to look at construction equipment again in the same way. Recommended reading!


Anonymous said...

Yay Max!
Thanks for the props!

We're new to actually making horror films but we're all big fans of Horror and of what you do here at drunkenseveredhead!

Keep up the good work

Drew @ Fewdio

p.s. And by the way... Night Gallery is exactly the kind of thing we're going for so you just made my week!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Glad to hear that I made your week. I am but your humble servant.

But don't thank me-- buy me a drink instead!


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