Friday, July 4, 2008

One reason we celebrate our independence: headshrinking fun!

The United States of America was founded with the idea that the state serves the people, not the other way around; and with the idea that individuals have rights that cannot be taken way-- rights such as one's freedom to express oneself.

The way I would have liked to express myself as a kid in the '60s would have been by making shrunken heads with Pressman's Witch Doctor Headshrinking Kit! (I think I saw one of these on a 4th of July once.) Hell, I'd still like to express myself artistically with one-- just can't find one! I keep in mind that my forefathers fought and died for the right of people to be their own eccentric selves-- and that includes children.

The fact that creepy kids still flourish today in the USA is proof that liberty has not been extinguished!

Here are some photos of this classic but forgotten item. (Man, I wish they'd bring this toy back!)

Happy Independence Day!


Tim Mayer said...

Holy Karloff! Could you imagine the PC outrage if they tried marketing this today?

Max the drunken severed head said...

Yeah! The shrunken head community would all be up in arms, if they had any!

ILoz Zoc said...

Wow, I remember playing with this one! I loved how the powdered flesh shrunk. I spent hours with this playset. Shame today's kids have less hands-on play like this wacky stuff provides. Probably totally toxic. But fun! Thanks for the look back.

Karswell said...

Here's a classic Head Shrinker Kit commerical clip on youtube:


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