Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thought of this...

Just realized I had a severed-head-on-a-cake photo that I hadn't used (a family friend sent it not long ago.) Since I've just posted a severed head news item, thought that was enough reason to run it.

Unlike the poor diver of the news item, this pic is of a living severed cousin, actually! He had a bit part in the movie Saw and this photo was taken at the cast party.

Update 09/06/09: Okay, the explanation above is BS. My cousin would never let his picture be taken! This guy just reminds me of him.

This picture actually comes from the blog Multiplayer, an blog for gamers "who play everything from 'Halo 3' to 'Desktop Tower Defense.'" The cake above (complete with a posing model on top!) was made for a "grossest cakes bake-off" meant to celebrate the release this year of an M-targeted Halloween horror game called “Dead Space” from Electronic Arts.

The game I'm playing this Halloween is "Jack-O-Lantern"-- I get lit and wind up smashed in the driveway!

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