Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A message from Don Glut

Writer, filmmaker, Frankenstein authority and dinosaur expert Don Glut sent me a message (posted below) about how one can break into showbiz: become an associate movie producer! That's what you'll be, in essence, if you invest in Don Glut's latest feature film, Blood Scarab.

Here's Don:

"Frontline Entertainment needs a few more investors to pay off post-production (CGI effects, music score composition, sound design & color corrections) on our new horror movie BLOOD SCARAB. This low-budget, independent film - Frontline's best yet - is completed, has already had its gala theatrical premiere at Chicago's prestigious Music Box. In November it will play at both Hollywood's New Beverly Cinema and Chicago's Portage Theatre (both times double-billed with Frontline's DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS).

"It is already out on DVD (see Amazon) and there are possible TV deals pending.

"BLOOD SCARAB is a sequel to four previous movies in Frontline's popular COUNTESS DRACULA and MUMMY'S KISS cult-movie series.

"If you've ever dreamed about being involved in a Hollywood movie, here's an opportunity to make that dream come true. For more info, contact director/writer Donald F. Glut (www.donaldfglut.com) at (818) 848-2646 or Invest@frontlinefilms.com. For photos, cast list, plot synopsis, etc. (also on our previous movies), visit /www.frontlinefilms.com and click on `Now Showing.'

"Donald F. Glut, President, Frontline Entertainment, Inc."

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toyranch said...

I saw Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood the other day. It was a totally watchable lesbian vampire soft core cheesefest. Not once did I want to fast forward to the boob scenes.


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