Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A "MUST ATTEND" event!

If you live in east Ohio, lower West Virginia, or western Pennsylvania, you MUST attend this event:

Cancel other plans-- this will BE A BLAST! (And no radiation afterwards, although I wouldn't be surprised to see mutants there....I will be there.)

Things that go bump in the night on the REALLY BIG SCREEN-- a rare and valuable opportunity. Be there-- I command you!

Relevant links can be found HERE and HERE.


The Greek said...

Mr. Severed Head,

I can double-vouch for the voracious veracity of your verbal volley!

I too attended last year's maiden voyage of the S.S. Monster-Rama, and it was a joyous and jubilant celebration of all things thingly.

My co-pilot and I will once again embark on the 10-hour drive from NH this very fine evening, filled with the gleee that only 70s monster movies and Evel Knievel pinball machines can bring.

scb said...

You might also want to consider attending the Monstrous Weekend in St. Louis the last weekened before Halloween. I hear only the coolest ghouls will be in attendence. ;)


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