Monday, October 6, 2008

31 Days of Halloween: OOTBDCIES!

No, the word above isn't pronounced"ootbadeechies." It is my way of shortening "One Of The Best Damn Costumes I've Ever Seen." Photos and video of the costume (an 8 foot tall female gargoyle) can be found at this post and this post at the blog Hell Bus.

The latter post includes the author's description of her work in a haunted house attraction, and is pretty amusing. An earlier post on the same topic is also interesting (if a tad disturbing about how freaked out and frightened grown people can get at such places.)

The author is a woman named Holly, and her imagination and enthusiasm are dazzling and delightful. I really recommend you read her blog Hell Bus.

You can also read about *my* experiences working in a haunted house attraction here, a post at the intelligent, fun, jam-packed site Zombos' Closet of Horror.

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