Wednesday, October 1, 2008

31 Days of Halloween!

TDSH counts down to Oct. 31st with a Halloween post-a-day!

Now, news and comments from the Max the Drunken Severed Head/Allen's Brain Presidential campaign will still continue. It just means there's more treats (or tricks, depending on you viewpoint) at this blog all this month!

Since it's Halloween, there will postings here suitable for all ages! (Kiddie fare is most welcome in this most nostalgic month.) But there will also be decidedly adult fare posted, too-- but with a forewarning.

To kick off my favorite month, here's a wish from me and the late Vincent Price! (He whispers things in my ears to repeat here. At least, he does when I'm off my medication!* )

Of course, my great-great-granny always used to call her hooch "medicine"...

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