Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween: Bloody Magic Screw

The best stuff for Halloween can often be found at independent "dollar" stores. (The "dime stores" of my childhood.) They often get cheap but garish stuff not found elsewhere, or get old stock from warehouses that chain discount stores don't get.

Sunday, Jane and I visited "It's A Buck" and found in the Halloween section two "arrow through the head" type prop gags. They were okay novelty items, but I bought them for the cards they came attached to. There was funny text on one, and good (bad) art on the other. And Frankenstein was on both!

Two wrongs don't make a right, but apparently two bolts make a magic screw. (I like the name "Bloody Magic Screw"-- sounds like a name for a cocktail!)

The text slays me. You can "LOOK REAL" (At last! I'm always being accused of looking imaginary!) And you can "FOOL YOUR FRIENDS"! Not like an unconvincing fake cast, or phony scar, no sir! Everyone will think YOU have two big bolts penetrating your skull!

Poor Frankenstein. He always seems to have trouble with fire, doesn't he?

Now let's look at KNIFE THRU HEAD.

This looks like crappy poster art for some old Euro-trash horror movie. I'm actually thinking of framing this card back, which measures around 8" x 12". So wonderfully garish! (Even has the silhouette of Dracula worked in.) Looks like something from the '70s. A time when I was a kid, and every Halloween was eagerly anticipated. I would have loved this art back then, too.

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