Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cookies with bite!

At the X-rated Porn Bread site, where naughty baked goods and desserts are on display along with the recipes to make them, I discovered that they have "vampire vagina cookies" as a Halloween offering. Embedded candy corn serves as fangs for the toothy treats. (Best use I can think of for the nasty things.) Other spooky sweets include "Halloweenies" (phallic Jack-o-lantern-- or perhaps 'jack-o-latin'-- cookies) and cupcakes called "Witch's Tits" (good for a cold night, I suppose.)

The idea of a toothed snapper (known scholarly as vagina dentata) has appeared in cultural myths around the globe. Learn more about it here.

Perhaps Poe was haunted by dreams of vagina dentata when he wrote Berenice.

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