Friday, January 23, 2009

The first fly to come to the spider web

Jane and I had our first guest in today, a young co-worker named Meg who knew of my reputation for a love of all things horror. She asked for film recommendations. Instead I invited her over to watch movies with us, and she picked Bava's KILL, BABY, KILL , and the Japanese film JUON 2. (Both are about ghost children that bring horrible death.)

We also watched an episode of ONE STEP BEYOND called "The Clown"--because she has a clown phobia! She went home with more horror films on loan.

Meg enjoyed looking at some of my monster toys and collectables that are unpacked, too, which delighted me.

I really wanted to end the get-together with a screening of one of my comedy favorites, the Rondo-nominated movie THE NAKED MONSTER. (Click on the title to order the film from Netflix.) But I didn't dare. A cheapie among cheapies, star Kenneth Tobey hated it--but it gives him his last good role, as it does many other old stars of classic monster movies. Plus it has the luscious, glorious form of co-star Brinke Stevens!

It's been described as "AIRPLANE meets GODZILLA," but it didn't have half the budget either of those films did. Shot on Super 8 sound film and video (because various plans to produce it at major studios kept falling through for a variety of reasons), it's an amazing testament to the determination of director/screenwriter Ted Newsom. Created practically on sheer will and talent alone (did I mention how cheaply it was made?), it has some of the funniest (and most affectionate) gags in monster film history! As well as Forry Ackerman's best cameo!

If you know someone who enjoys j-horror, Bava and giallo films, AND the low humor of the hilarious NAKED MONSTER, give 'em my address!

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