Monday, February 16, 2009

Honors and Awards...

...are on my mind (such as it is).

The first reason for this is the Rondo Awards 2008 ballot, posted late last night. I'm looking forward to voting-- and I made the list of nominations for Best Blog! HOORAY!

But of course now I have no respect for the reward at all. (Still, I WANT YOU! To vote for me!) I gotta get more votes than I did running for President last year!

The second reason is that I'm honored to appear on the prestigious Frankensteinia blog! An interview I did with three actors in the musical play Mary Shelley and Her Frankenstein (which premiered here in Pittsburgh) appears there!

And last, I've been honored with the Premio Dardo (Dart Prize) by Iloz Zoc of Zombos' Closet of Horror. As described at "Tracing the Premio Dardo," it is essentially a "tagging meme, in the form of an award." Blogs are awarded the prize by other bloggers as a recognition of "unique voices and visions," and (as it says at Frankensteinia), in recognition of "cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing...that adds value to the Web.


Iloz says
I do an "excellent job of always being pithy, witty, and keen."

Now I know that he, too, has trouble with sobriety.

(I must buy him a drink some time. And one for Pierre at Frankensteinia. And one for Rondo Hatton.)

The catch with this "Premio Dardo" is, I've gotta pass it on to five more blogs!

More on that tomorrow!
I gotta get back to drinking a toast to all the bloggers I might want to send the prize on to. There are so many...


Anonymous said...

I certain...I certain...I certly don't have a drinking problem...hiccup...

Pierre Fournier said...

Thank you so very much for your guest post on Frankensteinia. Its a genuine thrill for me to have you contributing to my blog.

And congrats on the Rondo nomination!

Pierre Fournier said...

By the way, I think I remember Pithy, Witty and Keen. British music hall trio, right?

Max the drunken severed head said...

Okay, BOTH you guys are sots!

Yes, Pithy, Witty and Keen were a music hall trio! (AND stinkin' bums like us three!)That is, they became a music hall act after disbanding their law firm! You see, they'd been caught making merry and feeling joy.

But Mary and Joy objected.

Later they joined the law firm of Billem, Bleedem, and Laff.

Now you know...the REST of the story!



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