Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A coming event: THE SPOOKTACULAR

SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL, a horror host style movie program seen on public access channels across the country, is hosting a LIVE monster event in April! They'll be screening a BRAND NEW 35mm print from Universal of the 1962 classic King Kong Vs. Godzilla on Friday, April 24 at the historic Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH at 7PM.

Here's their description: "It will be a family-friendly fearsome festivity for all. What is especially exciting about this is that the print that we are screening is untouched print STRUCK BY UNIVERSAL PICTURES SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS EVENT. In addition to the main feature, we'll be screening vintage monster movie previews! Costumed characters from SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL will be giving away DVDs and T-shirts, and overall creating a retro-fun night in the theater!

"Legendary comic artist Steve Bissette is not only helping us promote THE SPOOKTACULAR , he will be donating SIX sets of signed copies of his critically acclaimed, dinosaur-themed title Tyrant, and an original King Kong Vs. Godzilla sketch done just for us.

"We're hoping that monster fans will flock to Keene to have a city-stompin’, building-bashin’ good time with us at THE SPOOKTACULAR. Hope to see you there!"

The Drunken Severed Head recommends this event! Sounds like a blast to me. But there's more good news. If you do plan on going and staying overnight, there's a break on the price of a hotel room:

"Saturday Fright Special has partnered with Keene’s beautiful and stylish luxury hotel The E. F. Lane to provide an outstanding opportunity for those traveling to this event or for those who just want a night out in comfort.

"The E. F. Lane Hotel will be offering a special rate of $99.00 for people attending the SPOOKTACULAR. This rate includes room for two persons; parking in the E.F. Lane’s parking garage, a hot breakfast buffet and all of the usual amenities in this attractive and fashionable hotel in the heart of downtown Keene. For reservations, call toll free 1-888-300-5056 or 603-357-7070, fax your request to 603-357-7075, e-mail the E. F. Lane at info@eflane.com or visit www.eflane.com . The promotional code for this discount is "Spooktacular".

"The E.F. Lane Hotel is on 30 Main Street, practically right across the street from The Colonial Theatre. Now you can watch this screening of Universal’s BRAND NEW print of the 1962 classic KING KONG vs. GODZILLA content in your knowledge that you have a comfortable and elegant place to sleep after an evening of giant monster movie mayhem."

Tickets will be $10 and available either at the door or via the Colonial's website.


John Rozum said...

I'd love to take my son to this, but it's a three hour drive in each direction, which is a little too far to go see a movie he can watch at home.

The Greek said...


The difference here is the added frills and thrills of seeing KKvG on a HUGE screen in a classic theater, with an audience of fellow fans, vintage trailers, prize giveaways and an all-around fun time.

Much like the Drive-In Super Monsterama event that Max and I attend every year (which I drive 10 hours each way to attend), the films are all readily available on video, but there's much to be said for the added atmosphere and greater detail to be seen on the big screen (plus the Giant Monsters are much closer to "actual size" than they are on the home screen).

I'd say it would be a memorable trip if you took advantage of the hotel deal and made an overnight of it.

I'll admit that I'm one of the organizers of the event, but honestly my interest is more in helping folks to have a good time (and kids to have lasting memories) than it is to sell tickets. I'm also doing this on a volunteer basis, so my main interest in the success of these shows is that they do well enough allow us to do more of them...

The shiller with a heart of gold,


Max the drunken severed head said...

Yeah! What he said!

John Rozum said...


We haven't ruled it out yet! If we can make it, we probably will.


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