Monday, March 16, 2009

A GREAT Offer!!

Do you have a blog or website? You do? Great! Consider endorsing my blog for the 2008 Rondo Award! It PAYS to do so. (But hurry -- you only have four days to endorse me!) Because, for some lucky smart bloggers, sufficiently sincere endorsements will mean PRIZES! (OR, you can send an affadavit that you voted for TDSH to qualify.) YOU could* receive valuable items such as these:

Your choice of these new homes! ("New" in the astrophysical sense)

A stereo sound system nearly as good as this one here:

An array (okay, only one) of handy kitchen appliances like this:

AND this combination tool bench and Port-a-John:


You'll also get a free pet from Chernobyl, like this cuddly cutie:

Or this one, from Florida:

And for your child --a rare AMERICAN GIRL doll made for expatriates living in Transylvania:

PLUS, (and also ABSOLUTELY FREE for a good plug!) in keeping with the "green consciousness" that is so much a part of today's world, an alternative energy lighting system for your new home:

Yes, endorse THIS BLOG and all you see above can be yours! (And why not? They're only digital images! That's what you see!)

Or just vote for TDSH for BEST HORROR BLOG here and receive the best gift of all -- a clear conscience.

Voting ends March 21.

*Or not.


Anonymous said...

Things Go Better With Cheney!

Max the drunken severed head said...

The putz that refreshes!


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