Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christopher Lee on the radio!

Not long ago, I turned on the radio and Christopher Lee was hosting a show called Mystery Theater . I was thrilled to hear his magnificent baritone on a local AM station! Nice to know the icon's still working.

Lee introduces old time radio programs. According to its website, Mystery Theater "features the greatest mystery, detective and science-fiction programming radio has to offer." Fun stuff!

Occasionally, old horror shows are aired. Last night I heard Lee introduce an episode of Suspense called "The Beast Must Die." Wonderful to have ghosts--voices from the past--emanating from the car speakers while out taking a late night ride.

At the website, you can hear past episodes or find out what radio station in your area runs the program. So check it out and make time to turn down the lights as you listen to Mystery Theater.

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Coop said...

I'm reading Christopher Lee's autobiography "Lord Of Misrule" at the moment and didn't realise what an interesting life he's had outside of acting: descended from Papal nobility, a spy during WWII, talented golfer. It's a fascinating and very entertaining read and I'd recommend it wholeheartedly to anybody, whether they are a fan or not.


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