Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from me and the blowfish!

I awoke this morning to find I've been visited yet again by the ghostly Easter Blowfish, who brought me a basket of colored caviar!

He's so much more interesting and useful than a bunny rabbit. For example, according to Wikipedia, the pufferfish "is... reported to be one of the main ingredients used in voodoo to turn people into zombies.

"According to ethnobotanist Wade Davis, the pufferfish is the key ingredient in the first step of creating a zombie, where the tetrodotoxin creates a 'death-like' state. In the second step, hallucinogens are used to hold the person in a will-less zombie state."

At my house, we don't sing about "Peter Cottontail", we sing about this creepy cutie!

"Here comes the Blowfish from the sea
"Bringin' roe for you 'n' me
"Look at him floppin', Easter means more fugu!

"Leaving ev'ry gal and guy
"Some of his flesh for them to try
"Might mean death but whadda ya gonna do?"

Happy Easter!

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