Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I got terrible head on my birthday from a friend!

Oh, it's not what you're thinking, perv. No, I got TERRIBLE HEAD on my birthday last Wednesday:

I don't know what YOU were fantasizing when you read the subject line, but I was fantasizing the style! Because nothing is so stylish as a cigarette-smoking skull with crossbones!

Hey, his eyes light up and his jaw opens and shuts in maniacal laughter:

Not surprisingly, it was made in China; it seems to be a late '80s or early '90s Halloween item.

It also has some mild Engrish as an amusing bonus:

The "voice control" actually means "sound activated."

It has flashing lights--but doesn't make a good "flash light".

And it doesn't make "produce sound", either, dammit. Not once have I heard the noise of celery snapping coming from the thing, or heard it make the sploosh of a watermelon crashing to the floor, or even the wail of a head of lettuce screaming in pain.

Still, it makes me make "hahaha" sounds when I turn it on--it's so wonderfully tacky!

Of course, you could it see as an educational toy with a noble message: "Don't smoke or you'll wind up a skeleton!"

A wonderful present from a thoughtful, loyal friend--Raymond Castile. Thanks, Raymond!

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