Saturday, July 11, 2009

THE DRUNKEN SEVERED HEAD SHOW gets its first review!!

Respected film blog HONG KONG AND CULT FILM NEWS has posted the first review of my short film, THE DRUNKEN SEVERED HEAD SHOW. (So much for it staying respected.) I got a glowing notice by singularly-named film critic Porfle. Here's a sample line: "...Even after repeated viewings, I seem to notice something completely different every time. Last time I watched it, I noticed that my toenails needed trimming!"

This is just the kind of nuanced praise I was hoping for (or expecting, anyway.) As New York stage and radio actor Craig Wichman has said of the film, "For people who like this kind of movie, this is the kind of movie they will like."

The full review can be read here. It's even illustrated with a funny picture (made with real pixels) created by Hollywood documentary maker Ted Newsom!

Send off for the film, complete with commentaries, deleted scenes, and stills, by writing to me here!

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